Street Fighter Mini Figure 2-Packs & Keychains from Kidrobot

First of all, Kidrobot, you blew it on the 2-packs. Shoulda’ called them something clever like 2-player packs or versus packs, but I’ll let it slide because I have a big, fat, giant crush on you.

The Street Fighter mini figure 2-packs come packaged with one character revealed, and the other is a mystery. I had this idea years ago and I’m glad that somebody finally telepathically stole it from me. Each pack will retail for $17.95.

Each one of the 2-inch keychains features two Street Fighter characters facing off and come in all sorts of various match-ups and colorways. These will be $4.95.

Kidrobot’s Street Fighter vinyl mini figure 2-packs and enamel keychains drop March 28, 2013 at, Kidrobot stores, and select retailers.