Marvel Offers Free Guardians of the Galaxy Comics Bi-Weekly and Digitally

This is awesome news, especially since I’m currently reading the hard to find and incredibly pricey 2008 run of Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel is releasing free bi-weekly comics written by Brian Michael Bendis, to help give spotlight to the individuals of the team before their comic book debut this March 27th and the film that’s releasing next year.

This bi-week’s free edition shines the light on Drax the Destroyer — a space badass who spends his time going from bar to bar and picking fights with others. Guardians leader, Star-Lord, eventually recruits him to the team.

This is a nice opportunity for newcomers to be introduced to the Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus, if you have the Marvel or ComiXology app, it’s completely free to read, so why not?

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The incredibly pricey Guardians of the Galaxy paperback