Things I Bought At MegaCon: Day 3

Yo, I’m not gonna lie right now, I’m pretty fucking broke and upset with myself. I walked into the convention with $80 in my wallet and I don’t know where half of it went. This article isn’t helping me, either. This listing things I bought thing was a stupid idea.

First four rows of photos, comics: Obviously. I walked into this booth and say signs that read “Batman issues, 6 issues for $5.” Then I turned around and read “Marvel annual issues, 6 for $5.” Then I turned to the right and read four more signs along the same lines as the first two. Then I looked down and shit was literally oozing from my pant legs from excitement.

Most comic booths have a lot of shit they need to get rid of on Sunday night. Mainly because 1. They want last minute profit, and 2. They don’t want to carry boxes of shit that won’t sell back to their trucks. Usually on the final days of conventions, these booths do deep discounts on single issues/trade paper backs to lift some of that weight off. I would’ve been in heaven today if I hadn’t decided to spend all my fucking money on Friday and Saturday and saved it for comics today.

But I got some good steals. I spent $13 total for that stack of comics I got. The dealer sold me the comics at half price, meaning I was getting about 6 issues of random Batman, X-Men, Maxx, and other stuff for $2.50. Solid steals. I got the first issue of Ren & Stimpy and a couple of issues of Batman’s Knightfall storyline.

Fifth row, buttons: I don’t know what to say other than I really spent $5 on some fucking buttons.

Sixth row, the only thing I can say that was 100% worth it: a commission piece of Waka Flocka Flame. I asked this dude named Josh Hoye if he did commissions. He said yeah. I asked him if he could do something not really con-related. He said yeah. I said can you draw Waka Flocka Flame for me and ink it? He said yeah. So $30 later, here it is.

Friday I spent $76. Yesterday I spent $78. Today I spent $48. Tally that up and I spent a total of…$202…

But wait. Let’s count the food I paid for ($10 pizzas from Papa Johns that were less than 11 inches), parking, drinks, and change to hand to friends when they needed an extra buck or two. Now the total comes to about…

Three-hundred-fucking-dollars-are-you-fucking-kidding-me. I spent $300 at MegaCon. What the fuck.

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