March Toy Drop from ESC-Toy

Erick Scarecrow and company have been hard at work, stirring their cauldrons of resin. This month will see a bunch of new toys drop, but two of the designs really stand out.

The first is the Love Crawler, which is a bruised-up heart. Its creepy little feet and clear resin make it reminiscent of a Metroid, another type of soul-sucking parasite closely related to love. The best part is that they’re only $15.

The second is Chelly Chainsaw Blood Sisters. This is my favorite resin toy in a long time. The glossy paint, the exaggerated teeth of the chainsaw, the rounded edges, the little pants tears and chunks of hair – I love everything about this piece. There are only two available and they’ll run $250 each.

These toys, along with new Armora and Tunic colorways, will go on sale tomorrow at 11AM Eastern right here.

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