What Metal Gear Rising Should Have Been

Don’t get me wrong. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a great game. But at the same time, it’s a missed opportunity. “Rising seems to allude to the rising action that crescendos in Guns of the Patriots. Konami and Platinum should have taken this and run with it.

As soon as I saw Raiden as a cyborg ninja, taking apart a Gecko with his katana and feet, I needed to know the backstory. How did Jack the Ripper become the next Frank Jaeger? What happened between the brainfuck of Sons of Liberty and his cyborgification? Explaining that was the plan for Rising. But that got scrapped in favor of a story that took place after Guns of the Patriots. So we’re left wondering how Jack got his lightning bolt action.

Backstory is what Rising should have been all about, to the point that it could have been its own side-series to Metal Gear Solid. Everybody wants to play as Cyborg Ninja, AKA Grey Fox, AKA Frank Jaeger. Playing through the events of Metal Gear Solid as Grey Fox, eventually coming face to face with Snake would be amazing and could even serve to flesh out the other members of the cast like Vulcan Raven and Sniper Wolf.

And while she didn’t have quite as dramatic a transformation as Raiden did, I want to know what Meryl was up to between Ski-Dooing off of Shadow Moses and her “What happened to your face” run-in with Snake years later. While Raiden’s and Grey Fox’s games would be Devil May Cry style action games, Meryl’s could stick to stealth or maybe try something completely new.

Konami certainly aren’t averse to whoring out the Metal Gear series. So maybe this stuff could happen. But then again, Kojima needs to walk away from the series soon.

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