Sexy Lady Snake Cosplay by Crystal Graziano

Obligatory joke about our snakes being totally solid or whatever. Pics by WHITEDARRYL.

Speaking of pretty girls in skimpy cosplay, did you hear that the ladies of 16 Bit Sirens are trying to raise awareness (Among other things i.e. weiners. Oh snap!) to how some cosplayers are mistreated at events?

Yes, it seems that just because a woman dresses like a whore for attention to celebrate their fandom, or whatever other reason, it doesn’t mean that she actually is a whore! Allow the great Dave Chappelle to elaborate.


Never forget.

But for real, guys, if you’re groping up on chicks at cons, you’re a super creep and should be ashamed of yourselves. There’s never a good time to not act like a proper gentleman.