Finally! A Shuma-Gorath Heroclix Figure

For those of us who are seeking to play a tabletop version of Marvel Vs Capcom, the roster just got a bit bigger. After years of being absent from the tabletop game, the Great Old One has entered the game.

Not only is he a really detailed, awesome sculpt, but he is ridiculously powerful (check out his stats below.) Plus, he has a movable eye. I would have a blast setting that eye on my next target.

The downside? He is convention exclusive. This isn’t the first time that I’ve been shafted by the best characters only being available at conventions. I don’t think there is any figure I want more than the Capt. America Punisher.

However, due to overwhelming demand for the figure, Wizkids is putting a few of them up on their eBay store for people to buy at 50 bucks. Not bad for the Unclosing Eye.

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