This Hello Kitty Wedding Dress Seems Like A Pretty Good Way To Get Left At The Altar

Fellas, say you’re dating the perfect girl. Nothing weird, creepy, or particularly out of the normal about her. Say you get engaged to this girl. Then the wedding day comes, you anxiously await walking down the aisle and seeing your perfect, beautiful bride, but then you get punched right in the eyes sockets with THIS monstrosity.

They say it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride’s dress before the wedding, but I think seeing this dress waiting for you down the aisle is just plain bad luck, period. Everything about it spells disaster and would send yours truly calming 180-ing back out whatever door I came in from.

Note to the ladies: please don’t ever do this.

And, yes, the above picture is clearly PhotoShopped, but it’s the principal of the whole thing. There’s principalities involved.

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