Samus and Link Figmas Get Rereleases

I got royally screwed by Entertainment Earth when they couldn’t fulfill my pre-order of the Samus Figma and decided not to tell me until months after the figure was out of production. Same for many of our readers who pre-ordered the Samus and Link figures through our links.

But it’s time to suit up for redemption. Both toys are getting rereleased this fall. They’ll run about $60 each after shipping from Japan is factored in. (The Play-Asia price for the Link figure says $140 but I’m assuming that’s a typo because the Samus and Link figures are the same price on Yes Asia.)

Hit the links below to pre-order – supplies are allegedly pretty limited.

Pre-Order: Samus Aran Figma (Re-run) or Link Figma (Re-run)