Volume = FF is a chiptune cover EP by Double Hex featuring songs from five Boston-based indie bands. Double Hex has the blessings of all of the bands featured on the EP and will be sharing all profits with those bands.

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The choice of songs on Volume = FF is very fitting for a chiptune album. All of the songs, despite being modern indie tracks, wouldn’t be out of place blasting through your old CRT TV. The track “Jeffery’s World” (originally by The Van Beurens off The Eager EP) is a particularly good example of this. The slowly building stereo-panned intro sounds just like an intro to a classic game.

The songs stand on their own merit though. These are some catchy chiptunes. My favorite would be the awesomely named “Titty Taco” by Uzimon (off the album Showdown). It starts with a Mega Man style intro and quickly transitions into a groovy reggae song.

Check out a preview of the EP on Bandcamp. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order it for $4 and get the track “Amylee” by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library before the official launch on July 18. You’ll also get a bonus original track “Sexy Sax” with any full download.

The EP will be available on July 18 for $4 on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, MP3.com, Spotify, CDbaby, and other distributors. Check out our next podcast (Episode 4) to hear Titty Taco in full!

Track listing:

  1. “Amylee” by the Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library
  2. “Suburban Dream” by The Stepkids
  3. “Titty Taco” by Uzimon
  4. “I Never Knew” by The Somerville Symphony Orkestar
  5. “Jeffery’s World” by The Van Beurens”