Here’s What Erick Scarecrow Is Bringing to SDCC ‘13

Erick Scarecrow will be selling a buttload of original and customized toys during SDCC at the Dragatomi booth (5350). First up is MK Drake, which is a special collaboration between ESC-toy and Monster Kolor. I hear production is winding down on the Drake collectibles, so if you haven’t picked one up yet, definitely check this one out.

Next up is a customized Funko Goofy with M&M eyes and a classy metallic blue coat of paint. There will be only six of these and they’ll run $50 each.

A blue colorway of the PS-Bot will debut at SDCC. They’re $300 and are limited to 6 pieces.

Alien Cuss are another group of customized Funko toys. There are several solid colors as well as a glow-in-the-dark version. The 6 pieces will be $75 each.

Finally, a smoke version of the Soopa Jr. will be released at SDCC. There are 10 of these and they will be $20 each.

Not going to SDCC? A mixed transparent and solid resin version of Soopa Maria will launch on the 19th for $200 here.