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Tumblr #Gaming Community Hangout – July 30 2013

Yours truly had the honor of geeking out about video games with some completely amazing people from throughout the Tumblrverse.


Tonight we chatted with The Drunken Moogle’s Mitch HuttsKaitlin “Pwnlove” StewartAmanda McGinnis from Console to Closet, and other special guests including curator of all things awesome Robby Weiss (that’s me!!! -Ed.) from Albotas, friend of fandom Ryan Tatum and indie game enthusiast Justin Watt.

Thanks to everyone for joining! Are you an active part of the #Gaming tag? Want to be a special guest for the next hangout in 2 weeks? Email Kaitlin at howtopwnlove [at] gmail dot com with your Tumblr URL then, attend tomorrow’s hangout and ask a lot of great questions to improve your chances of being a guest. 

Thanks for having me on, guys! Can’t wait for the next one!

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Robby "brownkidd" Weiss is a video marketing producer in real life who likes drawing and making stupid songs for his own pleasure in addition to indulging in the wide variety of interests featured on this very site. He has four cats (not by choice) and is an enormous fan of the female anatomy.