Weekend To-Do List:

  1. Listen: Heccra. This band is fucking incredible. It’s got the best aspects of what I’m currently into, genre and instrumentation wise (punk, synth shit, hardcore, anything remotely similar to Math the Band), and it’s molded together with high energy and crazy noise. The band is actually just one dude, so mega talent was involved for this project. Highly recommend checking out The Last Weekend of Summer EP on Bandcamp. Best of all: It’s free to download (or name your price). 
  2. Read: Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire. I’m three trade paperback volumes into this story and I’ve got only two left to finish the entire series. Comic book genius, Jeff Lemire, finished this series for DC’s Vertigo imprint in January of this year so it’s now my duty to finish reading them, as I’ve no excuse not to, especially since I own all the trades in the collection. I tried explaining the story on our Hangout earlier this week, but failed. I can’t really say much about it without spoiling a lot of the mystery behind it all, but it revolves around a boy named Gus who has deer-like features and is kidnapped by some man. And stuff happens, etc., comic book magic.
  3. Play: Gears of WarNot 2. Not 3. The first. In case you didn’t catch our awesome Hangout session the other night, or simply refuse to watch it: Marc, Robby, Jon, and I made a pact to finish one game a week on this current gen before the next generation consoles launch. Well, I own the entire Gears of War series and I have never played any of them. I don’t wanna be the loser to break this pact, so I’m going to jump right into the first part of the trilogy this weekend. Hoping it doesn’t feel too dated…
  4. Watch: Attack on Titan. I don’t usually enjoy manga or anime, but Robby talked it up and I keep seeing images from the show pop up on my newsfeeds every webpage I visit. This show is about some town that has huge ass walls and gets attacked by titans that have broken into said huge ass walls. You know, anime shit. I’m jumping into this first thing tomorrow morning.
  5. Don’t cheat on my diet so I can continue to get bitches lose weight.

Peace ya’ll, have a good weekend.

Kevin Cortez/gorillashit