Critics Consensus: Dragon’s Crown (PS3/Vita)

Dragon’s Crown is a 2D RPG/adventure/beat ‘em up game developed by Vanillaware that has been on everyone’s minds the last couple of months due to its controversial art style.  Big boobs don’t go over so well in video games. Boobs aside, Dragon’s Crown is a solid game, according to critics, who all agree it’s a fantastic and in-depth role-playing game that any gamer can enjoy.

“It’s clear that Vanillaware has a fervent love for the roots of the role-playing genre. Nods to old tabletop gaming abound, up to and including a dungeon master-like narrator who carries you through the story. Even so, Dragon’s Crown needn’t be a niche title; its accessible combat and rewarding upgrades are great fun for any action fan.” – Matt Miller, GameInformer

Dragon’s Crown is quite literally a crowning achievement in the beat ‘em up genre. Utilizing some of the best design concepts of the past 20 years, Vanillaware succeeds in creating a captivating world that you just can’t help but experience over and over.” – Chris Carter, Destructoid

As a side-scrolling brawler, Dragon’s Crown is deep and loaded with replay. As an example of 2D art in gaming, it’s unequalled. The characters, enemy monsters, bosses, level art, and everything else that goes into the look of the game is unmatched in detail and design.” – James (no last name given, so just James), HardcoreGamer

With so many goals to pursue, Dragon’s Crown is much larger than most beat-‘em-ups, and more action-packed than most role-playing games. It’s both beautiful and captivating in its style and execution, and overall, it’s a great hybrid of two very different genres.” – Peter Brown, GameSpot

Dragon’s Crown may start slow, but opens into a truly rewarding experience with each additional hour you put in. Despite some initial barriers to entry, it’s still one of Vanillaware’s most accessible games, catering to the hardcore while inviting in newcomers with its familiar gameplay and beautiful art.” – Lucas Sullivan, GamesRadar