People have been hating on Final Fantasy for a long time. The drama boiled over recently with Chris Kohler’s article stating that Final Fantasy wasn’t just dying, but that the iconic RPG series was already dead and buried with no phoenix downs in its pocket. If you ask me, Kohler and the Final Fantasy haters are plain old wrong. Hit the link for my take on the Final Fantasy hate.

Final Fantasy haters have more complaints than a chocobo has feathers. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

Final Fantasy VII is over-rated: If FFVII came out today, I wouldn’t give it a perfect score. But you’ve got to remember that the game was developed in 1995 and 1996. Haters complain that FFVII doesn’t utilize the 3D space to its full potential. I wouldn’t argue with that, but I would point out that RPGs were in the middle of transitioning from 2D to 3D. Final Fantasy VII is basically a 2D RPG with 3D graphics. Did it age perfectly? No. Is it still worth playing? Totally. Is it impressive for a 15 year old game? Very.

All Final Fantasy games suck except for the original and VI: Really? They suck or you just don’t like them? I think this argument comes from the same part of the hater’s brain as where Apple hate comes from. Once something gets a certain amount of praise and popularity, to some people it automatically sucks. I’m not going to spout off the merits of each Final Fantasy game, but saying the majority of the main line of the series sucks is just silly.

Most new Final Fantasy games are cash-ins and the majority of Final Fantasy games suck: Yup. The iOS Final Fantasy games are lame, as are a lot of other FF games. But to all of a sudden say Final Fantasy is dead because of this is ridiculous. The series has always been producing duds along with diamonds. Mystic Quest? The Chocobo series? The Legend series? Not only that, but lots of huge series have the same issue. Mega Man anyone?

Final Fantasy’s game design is stagnant: The Final Fantasy series is – duh – a series. Each installment is going to have a lot of things in common with the others. The same goes for Mega Man, Super Mario, Uncharted, whatever. That said, the series does innovate, make departures for its formula and, take risks. Different characters had different fighting styles in VI. Both XII and XIII had unique and fun combat systems. The list goes on. Now XV is ditching the turn-based system for real-time combat and people are complaining. Again, this reminds me of Apple hate. “Apple has to make a 7” iPad!” 7” iPad comes out. “This is the end of Apple!”

Saying a beloved series is dead is a great way to put out an attention-grabbing headline. But the Final Fantasy hate is undeserved and often unfounded. The series has problems, but it’s certainly not dead. Haters gonna hate.

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