Thom Browne’s Latest Menswear Collection Looks Oddly Familiar

It’s always fun when geeky fandoms hit the high fashion runway. Whether it’s intentional like the Battle Royale inspired Spring 2013 collection from Band of Outsiders, or an Iron Man-esque dress from Marchesa, it’s interesting to see how aspects of geek culture spill ot and influence the rest of the world.

At this year’s Paris Fashion week, Thom Browne’s Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Collection runway show featured a whimsical take on military wear, but it reminded me of one thing: Street Fighter baddie M. Bison! I wonder if Thom Browne is a Street Fighter fan…

When one Paris Fashion Week goer was asked what he thought of Thom Browne’s runway show, he replied “He totally Psycho Crushed it!” Then he scissor kicked the interviewer before laughing maniacally and teleporting away.