Indie Comic Roundup: Ignatz Nominees, Collider, Autoptic

Here’s a new weekly segment I’m going to be publishing every Monday. As some of you may already know, I own a site called Drawn Words in which I review indie comic books on a weekly (or biweekly, often) basis. I don’t cover news on the site and I don’t really have an outlet for it, so I figured I could do it here on Albotas. For you guys.


Every week I plan on dropping a bunch of links dealing with underground, lesser-known, or smaller published comic books and graphic novels that you may or may not already heard of. I’ll be dropping links to my own reviews, other news sources, videos, free webcomics to read, and more. Hit the jump for this week’s random assortment.

And that’s what I’ve got for this week. If you’d like to drop any comics by me for reviewing, for me to talk about, or ANY news tips whatsoever for me to post, let me know and email me at cortez (at) albotas (dat) com or kevin (at) drawnwords (dat) com.

@gorillashit/Kevin Cortez