Weekend To-Do List:

  1. Read: A lot of Top Shelf Comix. Top Shelf Comix sent me this big ol’ box of awesome comics to review. I wanna speed through them by Monday to incorporate the reviews in my Indie Comic Round-Up (which, by the way, thanks for all the great feedback!). I already read A Matter of Life by Jeffrey Brown, which I’ll be reviewing soon. Next up, I’m reading God Is Disappointed In You by Mark Russell, Heck by Zander Cannon, Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell, and The From Hell Companion by Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore. Big props to Top Shelf Comix for sending these solid titles over!
  2. Watch: The World’s End (again). I saw it last night and it is, by far, the best in the Cornetto trilogy. Really would love to see it again before the weekend is over.
  3. Listen: ILLFIGHTYOU. Some hood ass free hip-hop right here. Been really into them since their tape came out and I’ve been bumping this in the car since.
  4. Visit: Disney. Because I’ve had this year pass and I haven’t used it in the last two months! I need to cop me some new Pokemon plushies, on the real.

Have a good weekend!

@gorillashit/Kevin Cortez