Weekend To-Do List:

  1.  Watch: Wonder Showzen. I hope you guys remember this fucked up MTV 2 show. For those who don’t: Wonder Showzen is basically an adult show disguised as a children’s program. It’s racist, politically incorrect, vulgar, often bloody, goddamn raunchy. Best of all, it’s created by PFFR, which is the best comedy troupe for television programming ever assembled (they’re the team responsible for Delocated and Xavier: Renegade Angel as well). I got Season 1 on DVD from MovieStop for $15. Been speeding through it.
  2. Re-Read: The End of the Fucking World by Charles Forsman. I actually reviewed this comic book the other day, but it’s really dense with info on psychology involving youth. Super dark and I feel the need to re-visit it so soon.
  3. Go to: Total Bummer 4Ever. Total Bummer Fest is a four day long art/music festival in downtown Orlando that I’m attending. My clothing company, Hari Kari, will be in attendance to sell shirts. Real excited to see a lot of my friends at Relief in Abstract perform tonight, such as Out Go the Lights, XXYYXX, and Fortune Howl. It’s gonna be a fun night selling my t-shirts and seeing my friends sing their asses off! Also, that artwork is the sick posters that were created for the event.
  4. Buy: Veggies at the farmer’s market. I already did this three hours ago. It was something I had to do this morning and I’m including here since we usually publish to-do lists on Friday. Plus, I’m literally including it so there’s a photo of a zucchini on ALBOTAS.
  5. Listen to: Fortune Howl’s Earthbound. Yeah, I can listen to my friend’s music and appreciate their albums on a different level than appreciating their friendship. And this album is fucking solid, friend or not. Fortune Howl (Bryce) has made an incredible sound with his acoustic guitar, laptop, and company (Alex). Solid stuff, listen to it!

Take it easy guys.

@gorillashit/Kevin Cortez