Help the Small Press Actually Press: Yeti Comics Kickstarter

I rarely support Kickstarters for comics, but these guys definitely could use a helping hand. I know Yeti Press and I know the quality they’re striving for — this really relies on the help of the comic book community if they can achieve that success or not. Please help out! The good people of Yeti Press would like to share amazing indie comics with you.

They’re asking for $10,000 for a 2014 subscription service. They’ve already got nearly $4,000 of that money. Options available on the service are FALL/WINTER, SPRING/SUMMER, or FULL YEAR subscriptions. They plan on releasing three titles each two seasons of the year, including:

  • Bird Witch Collection by Kat Leyh (Fall/Winter)
  • Pecos Collection by RJ Casey and Eric Roesner (Fall/Winter)
  • Rose from the Dead by Andrea Bell (Fall/Winter)
  • Poop, Boobs, Poo by Sam Sharpe (Spring/Summer)
  • Well Come by Erik Nebel (Spring/Summer)
  • The Summit by RJ Casey and Gabriel Bautista (Spring/Summer)

Pledgers of $50 or more can choose to sub for the Fall/Winter batch or Spring/Summer batch of comics. There’s also awesome prints and commissions to be owned by you if you choose to chip in the corresponding amount of donation money. 

You can’t go wrong helping a small comic book publisher. Anything counts, so please consider a donation!