5 Reasons We’re Pumped For Sony’s Vita TV

Earlier this week Sony announced a home console version of the PS Vita dubbed the PS Vita TV releasing November 14 in Japan for just $100, or $150 for the system, a DualShock 3, and 8GB memory card. The announcement baffled some and enraged others, but here’s 5 reasons to be just plain pumped.


Well, duh, but come on, how awesome is Gravity Rush gonna’ look on a giant flat screen? Plus, there’s a whole demographic of gamers who refuse to purchase handhelds because they’d rather be immersed in the larger-than-life presentation that only a living room television set up can provide. No matter how fantastic a handheld game is, it could always be improved by a giant TV set and sick surround sound.


Kind of ironic considering the Vita TV is a home console version of a portable gaming device, but just think about it. Hook one of these bad boys up to your hotel room TV, and if the hotel has WiFi, you can use Netflix! Breaking Bad is way more enjoyable when you aren’t squinting at a laptop screen to watch it.


The Vita TV will feature both PS3 and PS4 remote play. Say your significant other is deep into an all-day-long Say Yes To The Dress marathon and doesn’t plan on giving up the TV any time soon. Just hook your Vita TV up to a nearby computer monitor or TV somewhere else in the house to instantly get your game on. Much easier than actually lugging a PS3 or PS4 room to room.


One great thing about the PSP and PS Vita has always been the amount of PS1 Classics available to download. Sadly, there’s no multiplayer support for those oldschool games on Sony’s handhelds. Luckily, the Vita TV supports up to two DualShock 3 or SIXAXIS controllers which means you and a friend can relive the good old days with titles like Twisted Metal 2, Crash Team Racing, Jet Moto, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and more. Perfect for someone who doesn’t already own a PS3, and if you do have a PS3, you can always keep one of these hooked up to another TV in the house like the bedroom. Always nice to wind down a long day with some classics from gaming’s glory days.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG5l78gbvpU]


This could be the entry level console that gets more people interested in playing video games. This is going to open up a buttload of great games to a whole new slew of people who either don’t own a console at all, or were intrigued by the Vita, but couldn’t see themselves investing in one for whatever reason. Depending on the success of Vita TV, it could potentially lead to more interest from developers, more support from publisher, and not just more games for the system, but better ones.