Sony’s Newest MP3 Player is Also a Pair of Headphones that Turn Into Speakers

It’s one thing to have a pair of headphones with a built-in MP3 player, but when they can be turned into a speakers with the flick of a switch and have a battery life of 20 hours, then you’ve got our attention.

Sony has unveiled a new line of 3-in-1 Walkman headphones dubbed the WH series. Available in 16GB (model NWZ-WH505) and 4GB (model NWZ-WH303) flavors, both sets can pump out an hour of tunes on a three minute quick charge, 20 hours on a full charge, feature multiple sound modes, and can be turned into speakers that can crank out jams from the built-in MP3 player. You could even use an online mp3 editor with it. And the best part: you can plug them into another device like your smartphone or tablet via headphone jack, so you’re not restrained to just the built-in dealy. Pretty sweet.

No word on price or release date, but you can check the full specs and info on Sony Eruope’s press site.