This Instagram Cake Looks Effing Delicious And Needs To Stop

Okay, no… don’t stop. Stay looking delicious, you sexy loaf of scrumptiousness, you.

I feel like an cake that has its own diagram is far superior to other cakes. Look at those ingredients. Do you see them? Okay, now imagine them in your mouth. Heaven.

Rather than opt for a more traditional square or disc pan look, the Instagram cake makes a bold move by going the loaf route. Some of the best things in life are loafs when you think about it. Without loafs of bread, sandwiches would just be a bunch of on a plate, meatloaf is amazing, and, well, I guess loafers don’t really count, but those are pretty damn spiffy too.

*dana-nanaaaa* (that was the Zelda chest-opening noise, in case you were wondering). I just don’t get what’s up with that tee ball looking thing on top. Is there like a hamster in it or what?


Check out the full recipe list and cooking instructions over on How To Cook That. It looks super complicated and takes a couple hours, kind of like cooking meth, but I would’t know anything about that other than what I’ve seen on Breaking Bad.

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