Pokémon X & Y Starter Evolutions Revealed

We have a look at the evolutions of the three new starters along with some new Mega-Evolutions, brand new Pokémon, and a look at the all new trainer customization options.


This is the evolved form of the Fire Type starter Fennekin. And check out the twig shoved in his tail. Remind you of Farfetch’d much? It appears Braixen holds some sort of psychic powers and can use a special move called Psyshock that deals Psychic-type damage as though it were physical damage – strong against opponents with high Special Defense. Looks like our days of worrying about yet another Fire/Fighting starter are finally over!


This is the evolved form of the water type Froakie. He can use those powerful frog legs to use the flying move Bounce which is effective against any Grass-type opponents who might pose a threat.


Evolved form of Chespin. This dude definitely puts on a few pounds when he evolves. This evolved form has a spiky armor shell that can withstand tough hits and damages opponents when they strike. If you’re worried about any Fire-types ruining your day, Quilladin can learn the trusty Ground-type move Mud Shot which should help even the odds.


This guy definitely seems interesting. This Poodle Pokémon can be groomed, and the more you groom it, the more styles are unlocked. Shown here are the original form and three styles, but there will be more to unlock in the full game. If you don’t groom it regularly, its hair grows back to its original form. Furfrou can also learn a new Fairy-type move called Baby-Doll Eyes which lets it attack first no matter what it’s Speed stat is, and it can also lower the opponent’s Attack.


This Psychic-type Pokémon comes in a female form (the white one) and a male form (the blue one) and the moves it can learn vary based on its gender.


Another Pokémon with different forms based on gender. You can probably figure out which one’s the guy and which one’s the girl.


One of two new Pokémon that can be evolved from fossils.


The other fossil Pokémon. We’re guessing these guys will only be obtainable in one version of the game or the other, but not both – just like the fossils from every other game in the series. Let the trading commence!

Mega Mewtwo X

Apparently that other Mega Mewtwo wasn’t the only Mega Evolution. That other guy was Mega Mewtwo Y. Players can obtain a rare item called Mewtwonite X in Pokémon X and Mewtwonite Y in Pokémon Y. Let your Mewtwo hold the corresponding item to transform into that version of Mega Mewtwo. Mega Mewtwo X gains the Fighting type in addition to Psychic, and Mega Mewtwo Y gets a significant Speed boost.

Mega Garchomp

As if this dude wasn’t already a beast in competitive play, they went and gave him a Mega. In addition to obscenely larger blades, Mega Garchomp gets increased Attack and Special Attack.

Trainer customization!!!

Within the game, there’ll be different boutiques offering a variety of clothes, hats, and accessories to style your character with. Is it bad that I’m a 29 year old male and this is the feature that I’m most excited for? It’s bad enough that I’m 29 and play Pokémon, but sheesh!

For the first time ever, I’m actually debating playing as a girl character just because it looks like they have cuter clothes. I mean, for real dude, purple kapris!? For shame! Now the shorty with the belly shirt and glasses/hat combo and the other one with the cute little vest and thigh-highs? Yeah, they both know what’s up.

Team Flare

Now check out these bad-ass futuristic sci-fi chicks! These are four of the five scientist believed to be the driving force behind Team Flare, Pokémon X & Y’s new team of baddies. Celosia is rocking the purple hair, Aliana is the orange-haired one, Bryony has the green hair, and Mable has the blue. Dear Nintendo, please make some Figmas of all four of these characters. PLEASE!


The fifth of Team Flare’s 5 scientists.


Super famous movie star that players will meet throughout the game. He jacket looks super inconvenient. Toilet stalls must be the worst.

And without further ado…

…here’s a new trailer for Pokémon X & Y showing off all the cool stuff mentioned above.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qQPNO9D8rw]

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