The Stars Wars #1 – The Albotas Review

So here’s an interesting concept for a comic book. Dark Horse Comics got their hands on the original rough draft screenplay that George Lucas wrote before the Star Wars we know and love was created, simply titled “The Star Wars.” Dark Horse decided to take that rough draft and give it to writerJ.W. Rinzler and artist Mike Mayhew to adapt into an 8-issue comic book mini-series.

So they did it and issue #1 released about a week ago. And although it’s totally not Rinzler’s fault, the comic book is kind of…bad.


  • This is such a cool idea and neat opportunity for Star Wars and comic book fans to see a rough drafted version of the original Star Wars screenplay. It’s interesting to see the vast similarities and huge differences between what was in theaters versus what Lucas actually had planned.
  • George Lucas himself has approved the pages of The Star Wars, so you know he can fess up to this (rough drafted) mess in the future (unlike the holiday special). It’s 100% authentic.
  • Mike Mayhew’s artwork is incredible. It’s detailed where it wants to be and really captures the Star Wars sense of feeling, showcasing a vast galaxy with fascinating characters and places.
  • The final page of the comic shows a concept of what the original Stardestroyer was going to look like. Again, the ideas and similarities between the draft and the original film are just an overall cool thing to see.


  • Perhaps the biggest problem The Star Wars faces is it’s large cast of characters and places. This isn’t simple to comprehend like the original films. This is huge setup that doesn’t explain itself by the end of the comic.
  • We’ve got Governor Hoedaack, Whitsun, Annikin Starkiller, Darth Vader, the Jedi-Bendu, Vantos Coll, Seig Darklighter, King Kayos, Queen Breha, Senator Nash, and so many other characters in this first issue. But who the hell are they and will when will we care? There are far too many cast members in this comic and too little time for you to pick up on who does what and why you should care about them.
  • The majority of everyone’s motives are unclear. Thanks to it’s vast number of characters, you’re not going to have time to root for anyone. I’m not even sure who the ‘good guys’ are yet…
  • And since you won’t really care about anyone, the first issue ends up pretty flat and boring.
  • This is an 8-part comic, sure, but I’ve read a couple of interviews where Rinzler explained that it could not be cut down any shorter than 8 issues and anything less would be too short. If so much is thrown at the reader in this first issue alone, what makes further books easier to comprehend? 


The Star Wars is a really cool concept, and I’ll be reading the entire comic series to see how it all pans out and what Lucas originally had created, but other than that and Mayhew’s art, it has nothing really going for it at the moment. Star Wars fans and curious readers may enjoy the original story unfold, but most will find it to be boring and clearly understand why this was a rough draft and not the final product.