Wavves Posts Photo of Rockstar Games Care Package

Lofi surf rock band, Wavves, posted this image not too long ago via their Instagram of a care package Rockstar Games sent the music group. It’s not your standard “self care” package. If anything it’s self care of a very different kind to what a health or beauty blogger might think at least. 😉

I’m assuming the package is a ‘thank you,’ to the band for helping create original music and providing voiceover work for some talk stations in Grand Theft Auto V. Nate Williams, the lead singer and guitarist along with Stephen pope the bassist appeared in the game as the DJs on Vinewood Boulevard Radio. 3 of their songs (Nine is God, Dog, and Leave) feature on the radio station as well as a few missions as well.

As for the package itself, it’s a pretty funny assortment of stuff, including a, Lady Gaga’s The Fame album, a physical copy of GTA V itself. Sounds standard, but included is an TENGA x Keith Haring adult masturbation toy and a Brazilian adult magazine (I think?). Rockstar Games certainly aren’t treading on eggshells with what this part of the package is intended for. With the adult nature of the game we probably wouldn’t be surprised if these should be in every bedroom of the game!

Oh, I almost forgot the last bit of the package, it’s an official plush of Chop, the GTA V’s in-game dog that you play as in a couple of missions. Tyler, the Creator also got a gift from Rockstar the other day. I wonder if the creator of the Mexican beeping song ever got a package as well, considering how popular that song was when the game came out.