Incredible Skate Photography By Allen Ying

Allen Ying is a photographer who also edits the yearly skate mag 43 (the old name for what’s now known as a frontside no comply). His work was recently featured in the New York Times and the latest issue of 43 just dropped which features a story accompanied by pictures of some truly remarkable (and totally illegal) night time underground subway skating.

Click through for a sample of this dude’s insane work.

From the artist:

skateboarding is one of the most powerful influences on youth culture. embodying a spirit 
of conflict, imagination, and triumph, it encourages the questioning of authority and the
exploration of free alternative thinking. it was always the one thing that cut through the
bullshit and gave us access to something real.

the growth of skateboarding’s influence has led to a watered down, mainstream emergence.
the essence is nearly lost in manufacturing a fake, exploitable presentation with a
commercial message.

the mission of my work is to help keep the skateboarding authentic, perpetuating its
positive impact on society and youth counter-culture.

The subway and roof skating shots are part of the upcoming skate vid Tengu: God of Mischief. Pre-order it here and check out a trailer below.