Weekend To Do List

  1. READ: 43. We mentioned this brilliant skate mag in this post over here. They’re all sold out on the site, but your local skate shop should carry them if they know what’s up. Amazing pictures and stories no matter how into skateboarding you are.
  2. GO TO: Magic: The Gathering “Theros” pre-release. Okay so we don’t really post a lot of MTG stuff on the site, but I’m addicted the game and I have a problem. I’ll be hitting up the midnight pre-release at my local gaming shop. Anyone else going to a pre-release this weekend? What color’d ya’ pick? I went with red.
  3. LISTEN TO: The Bronx. All of their albums are self titled, but (in typical punk rock fashion) their first album is the best. The easiest way to describe them is punk, but they really don’t sound like other punk bands. The vocals are incredibly raw and unique, the guitar riffs are a mix of bar room rowdiness with a bit of surfer rock swagger, but it’s just really fast and energetic music that gets you pumped. It’s like liking a battery while getting a blow job. This is their best song. They also have an alter ego mariachi band called Mariachi El Bronx which is, surprisingly, really really good.
  4. PLAY: Grand Theft Auto V. Kevin is the only member of Team Albotas that picked up a copy (see this post) and when I asked him how it was so far, he said “Incredible. Can’t describe it. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a GTA game and then some.” I didn’t get it because I’m a broke bastard and I guess Rock Star lost my press copy in the mail.

I’ll be covering my naked body in shiny new Magic cards for most of the weekend, but I might try to hit up this local game of S.K.A.T.E. being being put on by my local skate shop to score some footage or something. I kinda’ want to do a little documentary on the shop and the dude who runs it because it’s a pretty sweet operation.

But what about YOU, guys? What. About. YOU!? (That was a Breakfast Club reference.) Any sweet plans this weekend? Talk to us in the comments. We get lonely sometimes and just need to be reminded that you’re out there.

See ya’ next week!

-Robby “brownkidd” Weiss (@brownkidd)