As a child watching this toon of two beavers that enjoyed yelling at each other, you kind of just watch cartoons fade away and become replaced with another generation of animation and newer shows. The Angry Beavers was canned in the early 2000’s. After 62 episodes being aired on Nick, it was done. But it never had its finale because it never aired on television. And as a child you might have not known that, or the reason why Nick wouldn’t allow it to air on television.

Truth is, The Angry Beavers did have a series finale planned out. It was titled “Bye-Bye Beavers,” and it involved the show’s two stars, Daggett and Norbert, breaking the fourth wall and directly mentioning that they were being cancelled. According to Micah Wright, a staffer at Angry Beavers, Nick didn’t like that very much.

Off his official website:

Norb has to break the horrible truth to Dag that they are only cartoons. Nickelodeon hated this episode because it actually told the kids the truth: that the show was ending!

There are rumors stating that Nick has a strict rule on cartoons breaking the fourth wall and telling kids that they are actually cartoons. I’m not sure how true this is, but I actually don’t ever recall a cartoon other than Ren & Stimpy (maybe?) pushing that boundary in any way. Plus, it’s one thing to tell Nick’s target demographic they’re not real. It’s another to tell kids they’re being cancelled. And it’s a whole different ballpark to literally make jabs at the network that’s presenting your cartoon.

And that’s exactly what “Bye-Bye Beavers,” did — it jabbed at Nick at every which way possible. Norb and Dag are going off about being cartoons, their show getting cancelled, and Nick making so much money off of reruns without getting the show’s creators a dime. Thus, the episode never got a green-light to air, and the series was cancelled an episode short of being finished.

The audio of the script was released by Wright himself on his website. There’s also a YouTube link, for those who don’t want to download the .mp3 file. It’s a rough draft being read by voice actors Richard Steven Horvitz (Dag) and Nick Bakay (Norb), occasionally using improv between lines and calling themselves by their first names. The ending of the episode also had the two shouting “APRIL FOOLS!,” prompting people to begin rumors that this episode was meant to air as an April Fools episode, but was canned on the spot since Nick doesn’t like fourth wall jokes.

Seeing on how it never even got storyboarded in the first place, I doubt the episode will ever see the light of day. The rough audio working may have just been recorded for the Hell of it, or because they simply worked backwards on their show. Don’t know, but at least the audio has surfaced on the web somehow.