Grand Theft Ebay: Influx of GTA V Collector’s Edition Goodies on Ebay

I have really been looking forward to GTA and can’t wait to play it. I knew the missions would be amazing, the cheats would be hilarious and the online world would be immense. This is why I threw my $150 down on a Collector’s Edition of Grand Theft Auto V early since I knew it’d sell out fairly quick. Picked it up at midnight to see around 10 people who got one as well. I’m assuming a ton of people didn’t expect it to actually sell out though, as Ebay’s got a massive amount of Collector’s Edition goodies up for grabs for ridiculous money. And when I say ridiculous, I mean ridiculous.

Take the New Era 9FIFTY snapback for example. It’s got a Los Santos logo stitched in front and a GTA V emblem on its side. It’s just a hat. And it’s going on Ebay for as high as $95, with actual listings with bids averaging around the $30-$40 area, though I have seen some hats with bids as high as $50 and some pretty decent knock-offs for $33.

The safety deposit bag from the Collector’s Edition is running between $20$50, but it doesn’t seem to be a popular item with bids. This item is a safety deposit bag with the GTA V logo on it and a key to lock/unlock the bag. I honestly haven’t found a use for mine yet, but if I (frequently) sold drugs, I guess it’d be a cool bag to use? I don’t tend to keep wads of cash with me to need a lockup…

The blueprint map of Los Santos/Blaine County that was available for both the Collector’s Edition and Special Edition versions of Grand Theft Auto V are, as expected, the cheapest item to purchase online right now. I’ve seen a couple go for as little as $2 and as high as $10. Weird — I thought it’d be more sought after since the surfacing of the blacklight messages.

What’s absolutely blowing my fucking mind right now is the amount of money people are willing to spend on the DLC that was included in the Collector’s Edition, which gives players more tattoo options, another garage, an atomic blimp (which was the regular Special Edition of the game, but is going for way cheaper on Ebay), some car power-ups, faster charging ability gages of each character, characters from previous Grand Theft Auto games being available to use online (when it launches), and a couple of other bits. There’s a listing of the DLC for Xbox 360 currently at $89 (8 bids) and the same DLC selling for PS3 for $59 (24 bids!). This DLC is selling for insane cash.

And then, of course, we’ve got the Collector’s Edition of Grand Theft Auto V itself. The entire package, including the safety deposit bag, blueprint map, DLC, New Era snapback, and the steelbook game, all neatly packaged in its big box, is going for as low as $150 to as high as $1000. Chances are, if you’re bidding on a Collector’s Edition, no one really wants to go that much over $150. Those who really want this package are safely bidding up to almost $200.

People ask me if my $150 purchase for GTA V was justified. Was me hashing out an extra $90 for the game really worth it? Absolutely. I wear my Los Santos hat everyday (that’s me, pictured above) and I love having a giant empty box that says ‘Grand Theft Auto V,’ on my living room coffee table. It’s like my Gucci watch of video gaming.