Licensed Mega Man Board Game, Coming Soon

Mega Man The Board Game is currently being created by Jasco Games, with permission from Capcom. Totally cool idea, but it needs some help in terms of funding, so its turning to Kickstarter to help pitch in some cash.

They ultimately want to finish this base game and release expansions, but for now, the original game needs to be finish, and from what I’ve read, the original game sounds like a blast. Two to five players will use little Mega Man figurines and a customizable card deck to find Dr. Willy and kick his ass, while expansions hope to bring that player count all the way up to eight, along with adding more weaponry, levels, and characters further down the line.

No official date on when this Kickstarter will launch, other than the “coming soon,” message left on Jasco’s official Facebook page.

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