Magic: The Gathering – Theros Set Hits Stores Today

Okay, so remember Magic: The Gathering? That card game that all the nerds played during lunch in middle school? Well, it turns out people actually still play, but these days it’s more than just nerds (and you can learn more about how to play it from the creators by clicking). People of all ages and from all walks of life still enjoy the game, and it’s way more fun than it was in the 90’s. Trust me.

I had the chance to attend my local midnight pre-release event with some friends last week (b&w pics above) and it was all kinds of amazing. Aside from some dude open-mouth coughing in my face and giving me strep throat, it was a pretty rad time.

The new set, Theros, officially drops today and I couldn’t be more pumped.


In the new set, players venture to Theros, a plane where gods, heroes, and monsters are an everyday fact of life. Hydras, gorgons, satyrs, and other creatures of myth inhabit this wild, mystical place. In Theros, heroes challenge themselves in the untamed lands beyond the city walls, set sail on the raging seas, and learn their destiny from divine oracles.

Check out to see if any retailers near you are taking part in Launch Weekend or any other events.

I’m just curious, how many of our readers play MTG? Would you like to see more MTG coverage on the site? Let us know in the comments. If anything, I’m camping on a domain for a pretty ballin’ MTG site name, but I’m keeping it a secret.

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