Brace Yourselves: A New PaRappa Game Is Coming. Maybe.

Some dude on NeoGAF who could either be an anonymous lonely forum nerd yearning for attention or an actual person close to the video game industry (possibly both?) felt the need to brag in a post about how he got drunk with some game industry friends in super hip San Francisco. Amidst the drunken shmoozery, a Sony PR guy allegedly “got pretty shit tanked” and “spilled the beans that a new Parappa the Rappa [sic] is being worked on with really slick HD illustrations and really cool animation that totally captures the spirit of the original. Apparently Queasy Games and the Media Molecule are teaming up for this, and it uses some of the tech from Tearaway.”

I think the main takeaway from all this is that most nerds suck at holding their liquor and shouldn’t be trusted with industry secrets and a new PaRappa game would be effing awesome.

And to any important video game PR companies who probably aren’t reading this, I’m the king of being drunk. I would never spill any of your beans, and it would be an honor to have you send me to San Francisco so that I may drink alcohol and talk about video games with other people who are also drinking alcohol. Thank you.

[Via All Games Beta]