Massive List: Black Friday Gaming Deals

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who reads/follows ALBOTAS. We’ve been incredibly busy with this holiday season, as you may have noticed by lack of posts.

I’ve decided that while I wait for this food to deflate in my stomach, I have time to compile a couple of sales for Black Friday/Cyber Monday on Amazon that are totally worth it. I’m not posting any store sales, because if you’re not already aware of them right now, chances are you’re too late. BrokeScholar has coupon codes that might be suitable for a last minute deal though! There’s no harm in looking and you might just find the perfect bargain. Either way, I am here to help you find some sort of black Friday deal and save you some money! Who doesn’t love a bargain? If you are quick, you’ll be able to tell your friends that you got a deal on some great electronics for your gaming needs.

You should be at home reading this list and shopping online instead of leaving your house tonight in search of cheap copies of Dishonored or Skyrim,avoiding all chances of getting stabbed or trampled by swarms of angry Walmart shoppers. Once you’ve picked the game of your choice and bought it, you can get take a look at Gnarly Guides for some information and guide on the game!

Playing video games on a PC or Mac is still as popular as ever, and there are always new games being released to broaden your horizons to different adventures and gaming worlds. Without having a fast wifi router for video games, your experience could be interrupted by unwanted internet and connectivity issues, and when you’re playing the latest and most sought after games, this is the last thing that you will need. So, before you get your hands on these Black Friday Gaming Deals, make sure that you have a sufficient router to accommodate your needs. It may just be the best thing that you ever do.

Anyway, read on for an easy-to-read list of sales for the PC/Mac, all consoles (including PS4 and XBOne), and current handheld devices.

Before you scroll down and look at what I’ve listed, keep in mind Amazon is doing flash sales on a TON of great games and devices until Monday. Pay attention to them this entire weekend. I just saw Animal Crossing New Leaf go for $25 and there’s a huge slew of games going on flash sale real soon at specific times of the day, so even if I did snuff the Wii / Wii U list below, keep in mind Amazon is doing flash sales for those consoles as well.

Currently $50 on PS4 and Xbox One:

Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 Deals:

  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag360 | PS3 ($35)
  • Battlefield 4 360 | PS3 ($35)
  • Batman: Arkham Origins 360 | PS3 ($30)
  • BEYOND: Two Souls PS3 ($35)
  • BioShock Infinite 360 | PS3 ($20)
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts 360 | PS3 ($40)
  • Dead Island: GOTY Edition 360 ($10)
  • Diablo III 360 | PS3($40)
  • Dishonored GOTY Edition 360 | PS3 ($20)
  • Dragon’s Crown PS3 ($30)
  • FIFA 14 360 | PS3 $35
  • Gears of War: Judgment 360 ($20)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV + Episodes 360 | PS3 ($15)
  • Grand Theft Auto V PS3 (Digital Only, $40)
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix PS3 ($20)
  • The Last of Us PS3 ($35)
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 360 | PS3 ($30)
  • Madden 25 360 | PS3 ($35)
  • Max Payne 3 360 | PS3 ($10)
  • Ni No Kuni PS3 ($15)
  • Rayman Legends 360 | PS3 ($25)
  • Saint’s Row IV 360 | PS3 ($30)
  • Sleeping Dogs 360 | PS3 ($15)
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist 360 | PS3 ($25)
  • Tomb Raider 360 | PS3 ($15)
  • Twisted Metal PS3 ($10)
  • Uncharted Dual Pack PS3 ($15)
  • Uncharted 3 PS3 ($15)
  • WWE 2K14 360 | PS3 ($35)

Wii / Wii U Deals:

PC/Macbook Deals (Repost from last week):

Vita Deals:

3DS Deals: