Fonts Made From Retro Japanese Storefronts

These retro fonts are unique to older storefronts in Japan, only available to view on old barbershops and florists. You can’t find any information on them in typography journals or anything of the sort, but thanks to three friends with interest in these fonts, the letters were restored with the help of the storeowners who helped create them.

Rintaro ShimohamaNaoki Nishimura, and Shinya Wakaoka gained the permission of several storeowners who have no prior experience in graphic design, but did have a hand in creating their store signs, and recreated each set of fonts to make available to download as a part of a project called Noramoji (nora meaning “stray,” moji meaning “text”).

The proceeds from buying the old fonts actually go to the storeowners who helped recreate the fonts from their stores. Pretty neat!

(via Spoon & Tamago)