Want: Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

This golf cart was customized to look like the Tumbler from the Chris Nolan Batman films and it was actually used on the Warner Bros. lot where the films were made! This is perfect for ridding your local golf course of unwanted villainy or doing donuts in the mall parking lot until security calls the cops, in which case just try and catch me!

I just hope that the golf cart comes with some spare batteries for a golf cart! It would be so frustrating to find out that the golf cart needed a new battery! Besides, no one wants a slow golf cart to ruin their golfing experience. Golf courses are so big these days, a golf cart is absolutely essential!

What do you think about this golf cart? Do you like it? Whether you are a keen golfer or not, you have to admit that this golf cart looks pretty awesome. Personally, I would love to take it for a spin. Using a golf cart is such a convenient way of getting from one side of a golf course to the other after all. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Anyway, this is up for grabs on eBay for a ridiculous price and the auction ends in three days. So, you better act quickly if this golf cart has caught your eye! Just be sure to see if it comes with a spare battery or two first… Buy it for me or don’t buy it at all. Go on, I dare you!

(via Nerd Approved)