This Fan Spent Two Years Re-editing The Dark Crystal And HOLY SH!T

As if the 1982 Jim Henson & Frank Oz fantasy wasn’t creepy enough, scoodidabop went and re-edited the whole thing. This fanmade director’s cut is meant to more closely resemble Henson and Oz’s original vision for the film.

From the scoodidabop:

Early versions of The Dark Crystal were a bit different than the version we see today. Jim Henson and Frank Oz originally sought to create a much darker story that relied more on the audience and less on voice-overs and inner monologues explaining the plot. In this version there’s no narrator, Jen’s inner monologues are gone, and the Skeksis hardly ever say anything in English (Aughra speaks some Skesis too!). This version is much more modern and a little darker with this original audio and the slightly different score. Some of the scenes are moved around too, which adds to the surreal feel of the original film. Some test audiences were more casual moviegoers and responded negatively to this version so the Henson team redubbed the ENTIRE film to help explain the plot to the audience up front and make things more obvious.

The whole thing is currently available in its entirety on YouTube, so be sure to check it out before the copyright lawyers swoop in. Also check out the Menta Floss interview with the mad genius behind this creepy cut.

(via Geek Tyrant)