9 Thoughts on Superhero Films In a Post-Avengers Industry

I understand completely that Hollywood will continue to create comic book and superhero-related films. I get that they’re going to be blockbusters, regardless of the hero and studios involved, as well as the producers, directors, and even casting calls.

You may or may not have noticed the impact The Avengers has had on every other super hero film being announced or prepping its release. In case you haven’t noticed, consider the fact that we’re seeing a Fantastic Four and X-Men crossover film, Wonder Woman is being introduced in the upcoming Batman and Superman film, and we’re seeing a huge surge of villains in the upcoming Spider-Man sequels.

Here’s some thoughts on a post-Avengers Hollywood, how it’s affected superhero movies, and how it’s going to continue to pull in more unbelievable hype.

  1. The Avengers made a fuck ton of money. Five years ago, you would not have seen a superhero film that crossed over so many characters. That concept was only fantasy and wet dream. The Hulk had his own movie, starring Hulk and not really anyone else. The Dark Knight succeeded with only one hero and one major villain (yes, I know there were multiple villains, but for argument’s sake it’s just The Joker and I’m not having that god damn comment debate today). One of the major reasons The Avengers made so much bank was its incredible roster of superheroes. Who didn’t want to see a movie that promised a level of action that combined Marvel’s Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, as well as Thor?
  2. With that said, naturally, every studio is ready to compete. Fox owns the licenses to X-Men and Fantastic Four. Sony owns Spider-Man. They all want a bite of that Marvel/Disney movie money that The Avengers handed out. They all want the amount of hype The Avengers created.
  3. Superman was rebooted. The reboot was fostered after the Batman trilogy that Warner Bros. has had much success with. That Batman trilogy was also created by Christopher Nolan, an amazing filmmaker that brought a sense of realism to comic books on the big screen. That sense of realism had never been successfully accomplished prior to Batman Begins, and you’ll hardly ever see a critic compare The Avengers to Dark Knight Rises due to the fact that the Batman films don’t actually feel like comic book movies as much as The Avengers did. Warner Bros. decided that realism sold Batman, so they asked Zack Snyder to direct a film to help achieve that realism to Superman, a hero that has absolutely no hard-realism or grit to his attitude or demeanor, aside from emotions when dealing with humans and friends, which could also be seen at Batman’s character weakness. They rebooted Superman with the idea of realism being able to sell DC Comics characters, and sure enough, Man of Steel made some cash.
  4. Last year, Spider-Man was rebooted. The Amazing Spider-Man was initially conceived to appeal to tweens, hence director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer) being attached. Both The Amazing Spider-Man and Man of Steel were executed while Marvel announced their next phase in their cinematic universe, all revolving around their success with The Avengers. Though both films were box office successes, The Avengers made its mark in movie history.
  5. That being said, every studio planned around Marvel’s expansion. Warner Bros. announced a new Batman would be appearing in the Man of Steel sequel. That Batman is Ben Affleck, which caught a ton of flame in terms of casting, and also struck a slew of publicity. More recently, a Wonder Woman was announced. Three heroes, one film, an obvious unbalanced proportion of character-use.
  6. Of course, Fox can’t stay out of this. The Amazing Spider-Man will be introducing the Sinister Six in the course of their next couple of films. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has shown that Rhino, Green Goblin, and Electro will be appearing in the movie. The Sinister Six would be perfect to introduce to the series, with possibilities of introducing Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, or even Hobgoblin or Venom. No word on which villains would be included in the roster. 
  7. But consider this: Can anyone named an Avengers villain off the top of their head? Can you name a Spider-Man villain off the top of your head? Spider-Man villains have been introduced in various forms since the 80’s, and they’re some of the most recognizable villains in comics, so it’s much easier to introduce six different villains in the Spider-Man universe. Fox, I believe, has an upper hand.
  8. X-Men will be seeing the Fantastic Four sometime in the near future. Fox, without even releasing their Fantastic Four reboot, already announced a three-year deal with Simon Kinberg, a writer/producer on X-Men: Days of Future Past, to expand and start a shared universe between the two teams. That’s a lot on the slate, being that Fox hasn’t created a great Fantastic Four film as of yet, and they’re already announced a crossover for sometime in the future between two Marvel superhero teams.
  9. For the record, I don’t really like Marvel films outside of Iron Man and The Avengers. I’m excited for Guradians of the Galaxy, though. Rocket Racoon = dat dude.