Yo, How You Gifting This Year?!?

It gets pretty lonely when you’re spewing out content on a Tumblr dashboard for people to reblog and like and never comment on. I’ve been writing for Albotas since 2009. I see cool stuff, I post it — Robby and Marc do the same.

But I’ve been needing some action. We need some feedback. We want people to talk!

So I think I’m going to post a weekly question to get some discussion going in our comments. I will be doing a quick write-up on some discussions if they’re entertaining enough, and everyone who chimes in will be getting their name out there in said write-up. Let’s tighten up, guys! We’ll make ya feel good. 😉

I’m kicking things off tonight because I’m bored out of my mind and would love to speak with some of our readers for once.

My question to everyone is: How are you guys gifting this year? How kickass is your present giving? Are you giving people shitty gifts on purpose or do you have a really cool, inventive, touching backstory to your presents for others this holiday season? I wanna see photos, I wanna hear stories, I wanna see discussion.

Don’t embarrass me. Hit the read more button to jump to our page and reply in the comment section. I might even be generous enough to gift one of you guys something for a good enough comment.