With the holiday season upon us, you’re most likely running around in a frenzy trying to figure out the perfect gifts for those in your life. Even if you’ve managed to find some great online deals from websites such as PromoCodeWatch, it can still be a challenge to find what to get! While holiday presents may not be a huge deal to you, it always feels good to get the right item for those you love and care about the most. Although your high maintenance friends and family members may seem like they’d be the hardest to please, those with unique hobbies or fetishes can be even more difficult to shop for. Luckily, anime lovers aren’t that difficult, and there are a variety of cool anime gift ideas to choose from. Here are some anime holiday presents that are sure to please even the most discerning anime fan.

Anime Accessories

Anime is known for its style, and high-quality anime will typically have characters designed by popular artists like Kantoku, Tony Taka, Itaru Hinoue, and Ume Aoki. Therefore, Anime artbooks focusing on a specific series, specific artist, or a mishmash of styles from different series and/or artists can make a great gift for the anime enthusiast in your life, particularly if he or she appreciates animation as an art. For the jewelry-loving anime chick, there is an assortment of anime characters available in a range of jeweled pieces made of actual gold, silver, and diamonds. You may have to shell out some dough to pay for these expensive accessories, but it’s worth it for the glamorous anime fan. While you may not be able to find anime-inspired jewelry items at your local jewelry store, online shops on Etsy carry a bevy of unique anime jewelry pieces.

Anime Viewings

For anime fans who double as a gamers, a visual novel can be a great present because it combines two things they enjoy. Many romantic comedies and harem anime are based on visual novels, so they’re also good gift for anyone who likes those genres. While visual novels mostly involve reading text, there are some that contain different mini games and others that play more like RPGs. Although most people stream anime videos online, many anime lovers prefer to purchase actual videos that they can add to their collections. Investigate the videos that are on your anime fan’s wish list or visit a fan site for the latest anime videos trending with followers. If your anime addict has a wild side, a saucy anime video or naughty love doll from Adam & Eve is the perfect fun, holiday gift.

Anime Toys

Toys are huge in anime circles, so they make the easiest presents to give to anyone into anime. Whether you choose small, cheaper items like anime eyes glasses as stocking stuffers or go opt for bigger toys like a play set, there is a plethora of anime toys to choose from. There are loads of websites hocking anime action figures and other toys and collectibles, so purchasing an anime toy may be your best (and easiest) bet. However, you could always purchase them an anime subscription box full of merch exclusive to japan in order to keep them satisfied over the course of the year. Anime and video game subscription box services are rising in popularity and can be a great present as you do not have to think about what to buy for your friend as it’s contents are a mystery! Keep in mind that you may have to do a bit of searching for those most-coveted anime toys and figurines.