So, a few years back, to fill our Sexy Time tag with more sexiness, I started this thing called Thigh High Thursday inspired by member posts on the anime fan community on While the posts were mainly Japanese idols and cosplayers, I decided to take the idea in a different direction that I felt fit Albotas a bit more. Since we’re a Tumblr site and the thigh highs tag already has a gazillion followers, I slowly began noticing the tag #thighhighthursday everywhere – even the official Suicide Girls Instagram account! Even more surprising is the fact that I’ve heard from a large amount of female readers it’s one of their favorite segments!

And then somewhere along the line I slacked on THT. And then I started slacking on the site in general (see also: the past few months), but rest assured, it’s back with a vengeance.

And ladies: feel free to support the cause by sending your Thigh High pics to The geekier the better – batman, star wars, cosplay, whatever. I’m thinking Thigh High Thursday could be like the Daily Graffiti of sexiness.

(pic via davidgrayon)