Marvel’s big summer crossover event is about to kick off in the form of Original Sin, a murder mystery in which one of Marvel’s most ominous characters gets assassinated – The Watcher. The killer even goes as far as stealing his eyeballs and raiding his home on the moon of all kinds of deadly weapons and celestial doohickeys.

But this is a zero issue, so it’s still just laying the groundwork for all the exciting murdery stuff to come when issue #1 drops on May 7th. Consider this an appetizer to the main course.


  • If you’re new to comics or aren’t all too familiar with the current state of Marvel, Original Sin #0 does a terrific job at easing you into the proverbial saddle. We get some back story on Sam Alexander, a fifteen year old kid and newest hero to take on the mantle of Nova, a character that I’m admittedly only vaguely familiar with. Thankfully, the gist of his origin story is eloquently summed up in the first three pages. We also get a slightly retold backstory behind Uatu, The Watcher.
  • For a superhero story, this is filled with some truly great character moments. You have this kid with superpowers who is searching for his father and the only person he can turn to for answers is The Watcher – a being who observes, but doesn’t intervene. My absolute favorite moment is when Sam flies to the moon to visit Uatu and brings him a gift. It’s just this really sweet human moment that helps ground these characters and their relationship. Superhero comics need more of this sort of thing.
  • The art by Jim Cheung and Paco Medina are pitch perfect for this sort of story. Everything is bold, cinematic, and most of, super crisp. One weird thing I noticed was that there are five separate inkers credited in this book. FIVE INKERS!!! I don’t even know how that happened, but I almost wonder if some of the inking was done digitally for how super clean all the linework is.


  • Being a #0 issue meant to lay groundwork for the rest of the series, this doesn’t have a huge cast of A-list characters or nearly the amount of action that most readers would expect from a blockbuster summer event from Marvel. I personally loved the more character-driven quality in the story, but I’d expect some people could be turned off by it. That being said, me and those people could probably never be friends in real life.

All in all, I really dug Original Sin #0 and can’t wait for the next eight issues. I’m usually turned off by scrappy young teenage heroes, but I found myself surprisingly drawn to the Sam Alexander character. All I know is, that poor kid’s going to have a tough time coping when his buddy The Watcher gets shot to death and has his eyeballs ripped out.