Microsoft’s backpedaling continues! Shortly after announcing that you’ll no longer need an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription to use certain streaming services such as Netflix, they’ve announced that a $399 Kinnectless Xbox One bundle will be available this July.

Gizmodo seems to think that killing off the Kinnect this early in the console’s lifecycle will make the Xbox One worse in the long run. The Internet is reacting and one of my favorite comments comes from @toythatkills on Twitter who says “The only E3 promise left for Microsoft to backpedal on now is the actual existence of the Xbox One.”

When Microsoft announced last year that there wouldn’t be an Xbox One bundle without Kinnect at launch, people were furious. Now they announce a cheaper bundle without it and people are STILL mad.

At least they’re trying, right? I for one can’t wait to be playing on my new Xbox, relaxing in my new gaming chair that I bought after I read this review and playing my favourite games.

I mean, sure, Microsoft was a big part of introducing DLC and microtransactions to home consoles, thus destroying a good portion of what little purity was still left in the industry (now it’s okay for developers to put out half-assed games and sell the rest and patch the bugs later. JOY!), but at least they’re listening, right?

Oh yeah, and Titanfall, guys. They have Titanfall.