HomeMake is a superbly stylish platformer  currently in development by two architecture students and it is in serious need of funding on Kickstarter. The visuals are gorgeous, the music is a super hip mix of hip-hop and soulful jazz, and the concept is wonderfully unique.

HomeMake takes place on an inverted planet in a neon electric playground city environment. Players can switch between bodies on the fly – each one controlling differently than the other. Some jump higher, some run faster, some see the world more vividly, and some have a softer sense of sound. The cool part is, even though you’re changing bodies, you’re still playing as one character – one consciousness or soul floating in and out different vessels to achieve a goal.

In HomeMake, as the player swaps bodies, your desires are handed off to the new character. The same goal is required but now must be continued with a different body. The game character inhabits a new body, maintaining self mentally, but losing self physically. Commenting on the meaning of self and identity, when you finally achieve your desires, are you truly the same person you were when you started? Or have you become someone new? Is the act more important than the object in a world where something as precious as the body is discarded?

Check out the trailer below then click here to Kickstart this shizz.