Guys!!! if you’ve been keeping up with our weekly comic review video series, you know that Rat Queens is one of the greatest comic books on shelves right now. Check out my review of issue #1, then get the trade, then come back to this post and be really excited.

Via Variety:

After working on such films as the “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies, Weta Workshop’s Pukeko Pictures is pairing up with Heavy Metal to adapt Image Comics’ “Rat Queens” into an animated TV series.

The dark comedy, described as a sass-and-sorcery series, revolves around beer-guzzling maidens — Hannah the Rockabilly elven mage, Violet the hipster dwarven fighter, Dee the atheist human cleric and Betty the hippy smidgen thief — who are hired to kill monsters and other beasts.

Sounds like my ideal D&D campaign.

Pukeko and Heavy Metal, which acquired the rights to “Rat Queens,” plan on developing the books” into a 30 minute show before pitching it to TV networks.

Pukeko’s Martin Baynton and Adam Fratto will serve as executive producers on the project, with Heavy Metal’s Jeff Krelitz. HM’s David Boxenbaum and Rob Prior serve as co-executive producers.

Okay, this part’s kind of scary because there’s always the chance that it doesn’t get picked up. Who would even air something like this? Adult Swim? Spike? FX? Comedy Central? They’d probably find a better audience if they just went the Bravest Warriors route and put out short episodes on YouTube.

Regardless of what happens, it’s exciting just knowing that at only six issues into the series, people are realizing its potential and have enough faith in it to put it on television.

Any other current creator-owned series you think would make for a good TV show?