Our longtime amigo Erick Scarecrow has teamed up with Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital for what could be his biggest release to date – a figure based on Jacket, the protagonist in the video game cult sensation Hotline Miami.

Making a leap from the urban designer vinyl toy scene, Erick Scarecrow shows that he’s more than capable of producing high-end licensed 1/6 scale figures on par with the likes of those produced by 3A or Hot Toys.

The primary figure is 12” tall and comes with four removable heads: Tony (Tiger), Richard (Rooster), Aubrey (Pig), and a bloody, bandaged Jacket head. The figure also comes with interchangeable clothing including a letter jacket, t-shirt, pair of jeans, Air Vigilante sneakers and a hospital gown. Three weapons – a shotgun, baseball bat, and katana – are included for Jacket to hold as he is posed using the 15 points of articulation.

The figure (prototype pictured below) still needs to reach its funding goal of $60,000, but due to the game’s huge fan following, there’s a pretty good change that the goal will be crushed.

Check out the official Hotline Miami – Jacket Figure Kickstarter page to check out all the cool backer tiers and incentives including all sorts of cool little goodies like Steam keys for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number game & soundtrack, wallpapers, and a snazzy pin set. There’s also the ultra awesome “Midnight Miami Marauder” colorway limited to just 100 pieces which is only available for backers at the $200 level.

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I’ve been following Erick’s work and career for years, and this is an exciting next step. Can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

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