Marvel has gone and Batgirl’d Spider-Woman by giving her a younger, hipper re-design with a far less provocative costume. This is the character’s first redesign since she made her debut 37 years ago in 1977.

One has to wonder if this redesign was done in reaction to the overblown outrage over the Spider-Woman #1 variant cover, or if this is just one more conscious decision by Marvel to appeal to a broader audience and make comic books “less threatening” to women. Either way, the social justice movement in comics is alive and strong.

Do you think if enough dudes complain about the unreasonable male body image standards set by the plethora of ab-rippled heroes in comics we can pressure the big companies to give Batman a beer gut and Tony Stark a neckbeard? Or maybe put Captain America in a bummy-ass hoodie and some baggy khakis?

Maybe if we all whine loud enough together, we can dilute the integrity of everything we once loved. You know, because North Korea and stuff.

Real talk though, aside from the lame concept designs, I’m kind of digging this new costume.