As if that wasn’t enough, cops found porn in the pastor’s car. Oh, but don’t worry. He has an excuse! You see, when questioned by the police he let them know his reasons, which he said was someone else’s. Suuuuure, Gaylard, that’s what we say when our wife sees something like Midget Porn in the browser history, not that it would save us from her wrath. I wonder if that someone else he was “holding onto it” for just so happened to be his long-lost twin: Gaylord… Hmm…

Here’s the story via Reddit:

The victim alleges that 59-year-old Gaylard Williams – who leads The Praise Cathedral Church of God in Seymour, Indiana – approached him in his parked car, before grabbing and squeezing his genitals and asking him to perform oral sex.

(So far it sounds like the intro to a porno you’d see off of a site like tubevideoshd, lemon stealing whores much?)

After telling the pastor he was “barking up the wrong tree”, the victim called police, who later found pornography in his vehicle. This has shaken the local community that the priest serves for many reasons, the most obvious of which is the contrast between his alleged actions and his preachings.

The pastor has denied the allegations, telling police in a separate statement that he was at the lake to look for a friend who fishes there, and that he was taking the pornography back to someone else. Perhaps they should have considered going online and watching someone like Lynda Leigh instead.

Apparently this dude is a noted religious homophobe who regularly bashes gays in his sermons. Which makes this whole situation a little more awkward for him in his community. Well, all we can say is stay “classy”, Gaylard.

(via BoingBoing)

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