This is the first year in my adulthood I’ve semi-ignored comics. I’ve been avid reader of graphic novels since my high school days, and as I steadily approach the age of 24 a quarter into the new year, I realize either I don’t have the time (this is a bullshit excuse — we always have time, we just never make it) or drive to really continue hashing out money for expensive story-arcs or hardcovers.

Actually, now that I’ve said that, I realize a big part of me not reading comics as of late is due to me owing the library $10 in funds that I’ve lazily been not paying off, so I can’t borrow books from my local government right now. Shit…

Erm, anyway, while I’ve been largely ignoring the comics industry, I know the end of the year is a great time to make notes and jot down recommendatons from critics and publications all around. Year-end lists are the greatest go-to resources for picks on the best of the best.

I’ve compiled a list of various lists from numerous publications on some of what this year’s best comic book and graphic novels are. I’ve also added a couple of extra links under those, for those wanting some comic-related tidbits outside of the actual comic book medium.

Hit the jump below and take notes on these recommendations:

Best Comics of 2014:

Best Comic Covers of 2014:

Best Comics in Television 2014:

Best Christmas in Comics: