Wood sculptor Thomas Earing crafted this amazing Batman wood carving using only a goddamn professional chainsaw. The wooden sculpt stands 7 feet-tall and is carved from silver maple.

The art of wood carving has been around since Ancient Egypt and takes year to perfect. It is a hobby for many people across the world with there being a vast difference between each sculptures. Some are small and intricate or be used as big as a tree. There’s often competitions to see who’s the best. It is actually one of the oldest arts of humankind.

“To me, a chainsaw is just a 3-D pencil,” said Earing to Washington’ KOMO News. “You start scratching in the details. You try to get shadows. It just starts revealing a surface just like a printer would print.” If you want to try and create something like this, you’ll need to look at a website like to find the best chainsaw. It takes years of practise to be able to create something like this Batman though.

If only it were as simple as a printer, maybe we’d all be doing what Earing does on the daily.